Winter is Coming!

Image result for motorcycle winter

…and so are the cold rides, the icy roads and the insulating equipment and the posers parking the bike until Spring.

Winter’s a great season for experienced riders to prove themselves against the elements, and roads are full of cars and trucks, but not much trace of motorbikes.

We’re still in Autumn and so the temperature hasn’t dropped that much yet, but bad weather is on its way.

Who is the type of rider who actually rides despite bad weather conditions?

Riding in bad weather conditions is hard, and we all tend to avoid that as there are security and comfort reasons. I can think of two ways of riding in bad weather conditions.

The weather is bad on your long distance trip

You cannot avoid riding when you have to reach your destination no matter what, and bad weather conditions happen.

Climate Change

However; climate change is about to end up with the best way to differ real bikers from posers. We’re actually getting the warmest October in years and the good news is that the riding season is still open for everyone.


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