The Brand New 2018 Speedmaster

It was something I had been wondering for a long while, what was to happen with the cruiser line-up at Triumph after the 1200cc engine update, and I even thought the small cruisers would disappear, which for a Speedmaster rider like me would be shame. However; there’s a new 1200cc Speedmaster out there now.

The first thing that comes to my mind is the great decision to bring the double front disc back to the Speedmaster. All units prior 2008 had the double front disc, but the following model with a skinnier front fork and a different wheel didn’t.

I guess one disc was just enough, as the America sports, but I’d rather have two! The front fork in this new Speedmaster seems it has a narrower angle which would certainly help the bike at cornering.

The base model for this one has been the new Triumph Bonneville Bobber, which as everyone knows is a bobber on a soft tail -can I say soft tail when talking about Triumph?- which looks just like a hard tail. This new one is the same.

I would like to try it just to check whether the suspension travel has increased or decreased -more plausible- compared to the old one. Having only once spring on the suspension would definitely give the bike a better stability when cornering.

Technology Department

This 77 bhp bike now has a much torquier engine and ride by wire throttle, cruise control, ABS and two riding modes: Road and Rain. Compared to my old one that’s a lot of technology for a classic cruiser. The sign of times.

The bike looks great and it seems there’s a great new cruiser on the market. I have to say the 865cc Speedmaster was great, and this one seems even better.

Good job Triumph!


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