You can tell by parked motorcycles

Right at the end of my well deserved holiday, it was Paris this year, for a romantic jo journey with my girlfriend, no motorcycles involved as I had to think of her, anyway, I can’t help but observing on the rues du Paris.IMG_20170921_155212.jpg

France is well known for good taste and most especially Paris, with a wealthy upper class who is in need of commuting through densely crowded streets full of cars rushing to get somewhere.

Motorbikes are the best solution and les Parisien have a good taste for BMWs, Triumphs and Mash -national little and lovely bikes.

Despite the huge amount of scooters you find in every city, Paris is well populated by many R nine Ts and GSs which were quite common.

The presence of British bikes was mainly by new Triumph classics and some deceiving bikes which looked just like them until you approached and find out there are many Kawasaki W650s in the city.

I expected to see more Ducatis, which I saw some, mainly Monsters, but not that remarkable.

So by looking at the number of café racers and scramblers and the many bikes restored you could find, for instance many Hondas and old BMWs you can easily deduce that when I’m on a romantic trip with my beloved girlfriend I cannot forget my bikes are parked lonely at home…


4 thoughts on “You can tell by parked motorcycles

  1. Marianne Guarena on said:

    I am glad you both enjoyed your trip! May I ask how it was, security wise? We were supposed to go there last May (actually to get married) but it got put off for various reasons and it was smack dab during the election there. I love Paris and haven’t been back in quite awhile, we opted for Italy instead, but are planning on Paris for the spring 2018. What’s the real word on the craziness there? Not so much craziness as in getting attacked, but also re: people squatting everywhere in the streets as if it were LA? We stay near Notre Dame usually. We are supposed to rent a (single) bike next time we go and take off to the coast for a week after the wedding. I guess what I am really asking is, is Paris ruined, for lack of a better word?


    • Hi Marianne, I knew France already by this was my first time in Paris, I didn’t find anything unusual despite the big number of police forces deployed with the big guns -same as London or Madrid now- and, which I found a bit strange, soldiers in major venues. However; the environment was nice, soldiers smiled at people and the whole atmosphere was nice and people were kind to us at all times and we definitely felt safe strolling there and not oppressed at any moment except for hordes of japanese holding cameras and blocking some sites 🙂


      • Marianne Guarena on said:

        I have seen that in the news. A sad but necessary action to keep everyone safe. I haven’t been back to London since 2014 and didn’t recall seeing many soldiers in the streets back then, but obviously things have ramped up in the last few years. I am glad they are friendly, at least! LOL about the Japanese tourists with the cameras. Yes, there are certain seasons when even the Chinese vacation it seems all at once. When I was in Thailand it was April (Nov-to April, but April is peak for burning it seems) and it was a popular Vietnamese travel season. That is a bad time to travel to Thailand, it is the burning season and the tourist season for Vietnam.

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      • Marianne Guarena on said:

        Accidentally sent it before finishing. Anyway, thank you for the update!! I appreciate it. I think we will shoot for April or May for France come h*ll or high water! Git ‘er done!!


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