The Road not Taken


3 thoughts on “The Road not Taken

  1. Marianne Guarena on said:

    What a great vid! I have ridden horses in Mongolia for 11 days. Great trip. This is probably one of my favorite travel spots. Next time I have to ride an ADV bike, though. I saw no snow. All try, sandy, rocky roads and plains with squirrel/marmot holes. Mostly rode the Steppes and visited Buddhist Temples. We rode all day, every day and camped at night.
    Came back with a sore bottom and a tattoo–unrelated areas!


    • That sounds great! I definitely need to get out more and a more adventurous life.


      • Marianne Guarena on said:

        I do, as well. I have calmed down a lot now that I work so much and I’m still broke haha.


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