What’s Internet doing to the Motorcycle lifestyle?

Share your life, share your thoughts, share your naked body, share your lifestyle and share your friends… are we becoming mad about being liked? We probably are already.

People love showing off, we love showing off don’t we? Do you think that can have an effect on the motorcycle world?

The above is a cool video showing motorcycle lifestyle from a hipster-millennial point of view. It’s bloody cool, and we all love videos like them, the same way you can enjoy watching Rambo on the screen.

But let’s be honest, life is not that. That imagery can inspire us, make us feel better in a way and make us think we’re one of them when we’re riding our bikes. But that’s not the real world. Things are a bit more ordinary in daily life.

These videos pay homage to brands and customizers, as well as they get some more people riding for the first time. However; it is also bringing a lot of posers who join the movement just to be able to wear like a bad guy.

I love rockers’ clothes when I’m on the bike, and also hoodies or apparel that show the world I am a biker. But I am mostly a biker because I ride a motorcycle, not because I pretend to be one. The hipster movement inspires and also destroys, and it is welcome as long as we keep our feet on the ground.

You cannot always look that fantastic and ride with a blanket rolled on your handlebars. Women riders are not inked to the bone and wear only sexy clothing, and dudes are not all wealthy vintage looking men who ride vintage bikes which cost a fortune and smoke on pipes rubbing a long beard.7

For instance, a biker who rides a thousand miles in a day will not appear smiling and clean on a picture, that’s the instagrammer biker. Someone showing off.

From my perspective, everything is welcome and cool as long as we keep ourselves sensible and don’t mess it all up doing too many stupid things. Being a celebrity biker is now a must try for bikers with their own YouTube channel and crap. Posers, Losers…

Until I realized I am just one of those showing off bikers…


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