It has been a while since a race was so unique and clean as this Silverstone GP has been today.Image result for andrea dovizioso

If there has been something remarkable, that has been the incredible race the no 4, Andrea Dovizioso has performed today.

Basically due to Valentino Rossi, who was doing something which we do not normally see in his career, leading from the start. But Dovizioso could overcome that. Finally, it has been him who has got the race and got himself leading the championship.

Marquez Out

So strange to see a modern engine in MotoGP breaking down with a sudden explosion of white smoke coming out of it. It we are talking about Marquez and his Honda, it is even more strange.

Unfortunately for him, he had to let go the leading of the championship.

Rossi, the beaten unbeatable

Rossi started the race in such an incredible way that I didn’t think anyone could get hold of him… well Dovizioso did, and even Maverick Viñales could pass him later on. I cannot imagine how these two riders were literally flying over the track to put the man down. Amazing podium for the three of them.

The British were out of the equation

Crutchlow was the briton who ended up closer to podium, a fourth position due to Marquez breakdown, as it could have been a fifth. I guess he was doing his very best, it is just that today others were even better. This is top performance, and subtle differences can be impossible to reach.

The Second Ducati

The second Ducati came in fifth position, also with some help from Marquez, but a lucky fifth for Lorenzo who is not in his best year. However; he’s now getting better. He has performed some good races lately, but after a few laps he would drop down. But he managed to stay in fifth place alone, and then attacked by Zarco, who even passed him once, but the majorcan is now getting more and more confident.

A bit too late probably as to have another contender to the title, but good to know there will be somebody else in following years. Now, Dovizioso, Marquez, Viñales and Rossi are at war, and I honestly ignore who has more changes.

Points can sometimes be deceiving to forecast results, and that’s exactly what has happened today.

I only wish we can see the final result in Valencia, and see the four of them fighting for both a victory and the world championship.

See you on the road!


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