Brno MotoGP dedicated to the Maestro

Dedicated to Angel Nieto, 12+1 World Champion and the Guru of motorcycles in Spain.

The entire Spanish press agrees, Marc Marquez made a total masterclass of strategy during the Brno GP yesterday. It was Nieto style.

For those of you who are not Spanish or don’t know much about Angel Nieto, he opened the door to a sport in a country mistreated by a dictator who would only allow Real Madrid and flamenco on the TV apart from bull(shit)fighting.

He had to sleep in a grocery store basement for six months at the tender age of 14 just to be able to work in the Bultaco factory sweeping the floor, until he convinced the right people to let him do some magic on a motorbike.

So did Marc Marquez, magic, I mean, last Sunday when he let everyone pass him after starting from pole position. It was a flag to flag race and the track was getting dangerously dry for rain tyres, as he mistakenly used the soft tyre in the rear, he then ambled a bit to let everyone think he was in deep trouble.. He came to last position and entered the box after a couple of laps to change his motorbike.


Nobody from Honda nor Marc himself is willing to disclose, but his mom tuitted he did it on purpose, so nobody could see he changed the bike sooner than anybody else. By the time the rest of his rivals came into the box to change theirs, he was already leading the race comfortably.

That’s what Spanish kids have learnt from El Maestro Angel Nieto, to pursue your dreams and to be smarter than the rest when pure muscle does not apply. As Buddism claims, when a mosquito lands on your testicles, we understand sheer power is not always the best solution.

Marc Marquez did claim after the race that it seems that Brno was crying for the loss of the champion, and it dried out in order to have a Spanish podium. All Spanish riders were willing to dedicate the podium to Nieto, and it happen in Moto3, and more especially in MotoGP, with Marc Marquez, Dani Pedrosa and Maverick Viñales.

Rossi came fourth, and I’m sure he would have also loved to dedicate a victory to Angel, as they were close friends. Valentino Rossi got on real well with Pablo Nieto, the Maestro’s son, and has stayed over the Nieto family house in numerous occasions and they both admired each other as they have said many times.

Spanish Motorcycle Scene

It is not that I want to get too patriotic, if that was the case I’d rather write this blog in Spanish. However; Spaniards seem to win everything in the motorcycle world. Tony Bou 21 times world champion in trial both indoor and outdoor, Marc Marquez, Edgar Torronteras, Jorge Lorenzo, Laia Sanz, Alex Criville… and the list goes on and on.

None of them would be there now making motorcycle sports this interesting if it hadn’t been for him. He became a close friend to the King of Spain and had him to support the sport.

He made an ultimatum to the Spanish TV to broadcast MotoGP or he wouldn’t let them interview him anymore (and that was after 3 world championships) and MotoGP would not be run by Dorna (a Spanish company) and we won’t be as motorcycle crazy as he are in Spain if it hadn’t been for him.

So I guess Marc Marquez would allow me to dedicate this humble post about his victory to Nieto once again. As I was just a little kid who admired him while I watched him on the telly, and I could only see his final steps in the sport.

Luckily others continued his magnificent path. Now, I hope the entire world sees how he did from nothing to everything, and I would love to see Thai, Swiss, German, British, Americans, Italians, Moroccans and riders from all nationalities competing like he taught us.

Ride in Peace!


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