The Perfect Group of Riders

Riding solo is not even an option for many, and group riding seems the only option… Well I must say I am keen on both.Image result for motorcycle gang

But as soon as group riding starts, it also starts the politics, the friendships, the problems, the bullshit.

I know very well what I’m talking about as I have been a member and even VP of a large motorcycle group (MG) and we used to hang out with MCs and Gangs of all sorts.

I’ve seen many groups of people emerging and dissolving, many betrayals and stabs in the backs so let’s be honest, there’s an only way of making things work; BE FRIENDS FOR THE SAKE OF RIDING ONLY.

You don’t have to be a real close friend of the guys you ride with, if you are that’s for the better I guess, but not necessarily it has to be like that.

If you’re willing to start or belong to a MC or other group or any type, you should firstly get to know what that means and implies. Many people run away even before making it to prospect. What even worse, and that’s something I’ve seen a couple of times, a prospect who is left alone after a couple of years of loyal service just because the MC decided to split.

That’s normally VP and President issues, but it could be anyone else.

Image result for motorcycle gang

But can’t we just be friends who join a road together?

Of course. It is probably the easy way to get along with people, meet new riders and enjoy without major consequences. You don’t have to get involved to any level. People would suggest going out and you decide.

After years of riding solo, right after I got a bit tired of groups (and after my MG split and the little rest that was left was expecting me to take over presidency… which I was not in the mood to do).

But it seems there’s a bunch of guys now who just bought new bikes and happen to be my friends, so we went out the other day. What a ride!

It was my Triumph Speedmaster and four adventure bikes, including the ultra powerful Ducati Multistrada I know so well. It seemed hard to keep up the pace at first, but as soon as my old parallel warmed up and my tyres understood it was cornering time, everything went just fine.

I got some guys impressed about a cruiser type bike cornering and doing crazy stuff, like going on a very bumpy road, in which everybody rode standing, while I virtually broke my back going at the same speed and jumping here and there.

But what a funny ride! I missed to be riding with some more guys, I have ridden with some people on this time, but normally my neighbour, not a group.

It was fun and I must recognize, despite riding solo is my favourite, riding in a group is something to do anytime we can.

See you on the roads!


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