Is China substandard?

Do you think Chinese products are substandard?

There are many new companies and online stores which are selling new products, between Alibaba and Amazon it’s now easy to get stuff from China at unreasonably cheap prices. Is quality going down?

We’re all very fond of European and American motorcycles and apparel. No need to mention the Japanese bike scene, huge and overtaking the American and European scenes since long ago.

And it happens that being myself a very curious man who has some high expectations I am in search of a new career, something related to motorcycles of course. So I decided to create my own brand [DISCLAIMER, no publicity implied on this post] and so that has taken me to a brand new path. The Chinese market.

I have always thought Chinese made low quality products, which they do actually, but as I got in touch with them I found out something remarkable. They build whatever you ask them to build. Give them a design and they will mass produce it according to YOUR quality standards, not theirs.

If you wish to get the cheapest price, they have no other option than to lower the quality and sell not so good, or even crappy stuff. But it is our fault really.

But what puzzled me the most is the fact that the major brands we all link to quality also produce in China! They have an agreement with the factories so they cannot disclose who they work for, but believe me, top quality brands also fabricate in China.

They might ensemble pieces together in Italy or USA once the merch is received, but the primary fabrication is made in China. Don’t be afraid if you buy some Harley Davidson parts and you find the Made in China or Japan on the box.

Image result for harley davidson made in china

It is a sign of the times. Capitalism has lead us to a society in which profit is thin on top of expenses, and therefore it is way cheaper to specialize, and so has China done. They’ve become the makers while we, western part of the world, are the designers and sellers.

Did you know that 90% of the stuff you are now wearing or have near you was made in Asia?

But who cares, as you can see in the top of this blog, just Go Ride!


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