Motorcycles are not for everyone

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Even more dangerous than MCs and gangs, more lethal than accidents, more classist than racist people… what puts the most people off the bikes is money.

And the Diavel on top of this post is no coincidence, how many lads would love to own one but cannot afford it? You bet there are a few of them.

But quality is expensive, we all know that, and getting a bike like this involves you have to pay for what you get. We all hate banks, but they loan us the money for these toys, don’t they?

What worries me a bit is the maintenance and having the bike serviced in the dealer, as that is how they make the money for a long time.

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I remember when being a rider meant being a bit of a mechanic the least. We all got our hands dirty, we all bought second hand parts and installed them in our mopeds or old motorcycles.

And I still enjoy changing the oil of my motorcycle in the family farm, doing things that a mechanic would solve in minutes, but that keep me on duty with tools on the floor for hours.

When you breakdown in the middle of nowhere, it is always great if you have a certain knowledge of mechanics and can give it a try before you are totally marooned.

But forget it with modern motorbikes…

Modern bikes rely more on electronics than anything else, and how they heck are we supposed to deal with a black box, no screen, which is supposedly a computer, and the only access to that is by connecting another computer only dealerships have?

You are now forced to get your bike serviced at a dealership, and spend some cash you are not spending on gasoline. Crap.

In addition to that, have the bike serviced yourself and you’ll have to live with an irritating icon on the bike’s display urging you to get it serviced. Mechanics are no longer mechanics, they are part changers the most.

And some brands would even try to make things worse, having to get the primary transmission chain replaced every 30,000 km as it is what happens with Ducati motorcycles.

That is not an operation you can easily fulfill at home, as apart from skills, you need a set of tools not everyone has.

Modern day technology is making us lose an important part of this glorious lifestyle. The good old days in which you could clean a carburetor in the backyard are long gone, except for vintage and classic bikes.

I think the relationship between rider and bike is now shallower, you don’t get to know your ride that well, and for someone whose passion is old style, and who still believes that motorcycles have a soul, that’s not funny.

Electronic displays, throttle by wire and MotoGP technology has invaded us, and there’s not much we can do. This is not only affecting users, but also your local mechanic, who is a real expert repairing virtually anything broken vehicle, but who has no permission or cash to get each brand’s tools and devices to check which part to replace.

My mechanic used to ride my bike around the block, and when he stopped it, he already knew what was wrong with it. A robot is now doing that.

But don’t get me wrong, I love high technology bikes, thanks to that we can ride 180 horse power two wheelers and still handle when cornering at high speed. However; the fact that older, more user friendly bikes are disappearing is something I’m not particularly happy with.

And that is the reason why I am now not so attracted to the new Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled, for instance, as I am not so keen on getting to the dealership every now and then just for a tiny light on the display.

I think we still have the right to get our hands dirty and do some works with our tools. I still use my father’s set of tools. Some of the things there are older than me and I have used them since I was a little fellow, and it is incredibly rewarding.

Let us have our motorcycles the old school way… I don’t think it’s that much to ask.


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