Get Well Soon Angel!

12 + 1 World Champion and motorcycle history legend Angel Nieto suffered an accident while riding his quad bike on the island of Ibiza, where he normally stays at his holiday home during summer season.

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The champion, a total legend in MotoGP paddock and the third rider in the world with most victories, 90 total wins, after Rossi and Agostini, faces a severe condition in hospital and he is in induced comma due to the injuries on his head after the crash.

A witness declared that the world champion was found on the ground without a helmet, and several sources are now stating he may have not worn one, or he didn’t use a full face helmet which was lost during the accident.

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The seventy-year old champion is a legend in motor sports in Spain, probably the most recognised face of motorcycling in the country. Even former king of Spain Juan Carlos de Borbon used to join him in his private rides, as the king is another well known biker and Nieto’s admirer.

Valentino Rossi has stayed overnight in his home more than once as he’s a close friend of Gelete Nieto, the champion’s son, so we can only imagine how he’s feeling now. In addition to that, he’s the role model for all Spanish riders of all ages, so all national champions, including Marc Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo are deeply affected by the news as well.

Meanwhile the entire motorcycle world is holding breath waiting for a resolution. Get well Angel, we need you with us.

See you on the road!


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