Everything motorcycle related is of my liking, but some stuff is clearly better than other. So I found this amazing documentary about Freestyle MX and I just loved it!

The freestyle motocross is a constant evolution story about a bunch of crazy guys -heroes- who decided to fly into the unknown, upside down, flipping, and having fun.

Related image

What I loved about the documentary, beyond those great images and stories, was the great capacity of some individuals of thinking outside of the box and create something new out of nothing.

The kids on the film are rebels, funny and they pissed everybody off by doing their stunts. Luckily, the industry did bury the hatchet and the whole crazy idea of doing nonsense on a flying motorbike is now a way of life and a multi-million dollar industry.

Listen to Your Heart

Motocross used to be more about the rides than the riders. They could simply not be themselves on tracks.

But having fun on a motorbike is a must and these guys often escaped to the desert to do their stunts outside the spotlight, until someone recorded that stuff and they proved themselves right after all.

So no matter how crazy the whole idea seems, just go for it or die trying. Nothing else. If we have a bad day, we’ll get a better one on the next, and never surrender.

Get W.I.L.D. and see you on the road!


6 thoughts on “Unchained

  1. myageofaquarius on said:

    I’m glad I saw this post. I know nothing of this world but when I happen to catch a competition on television, I’m mesmerized. I’m going to look for this documentary. Thank you sharing.


    • Thank for you comment my friend, I recommend you watch it, those guys are amazing!


      • myageofaquarius on said:

        My pleasure!😄 Where can I find the complete documentary?


      • I watched it in Netflix, apart from there I don’t know where it can be found, good luck in your search and I hope you let us know your opinion when you’ve watched it!


      • myageofaquarius on said:

        Thanks, I will.


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