The Underdogs

In a world in which the number or likes or visits matters… at least in a virtual way, which is the new way after all, a blog like this humble one or many others dedicated to one and not so trendy topic is clearly the internet underdog.

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But motorcycle still have an appeal, they still have a great bunch of people behind them, as bikers are born bikers and will die as bikers too. Once you’re infected, you never recover from this addiction.

Internet has become a new road for motorcycles to be ridden, despite the web being mainly controlled by advertising giants in the shape of social network or search engines, and porn giants.

Yeah, porn, the most visited sites on the web are porn sites. The consumption of pornography is so huge on the internet you can easily find porn everywhere. Especially if you’re trying to get some illegal streaming video, not necessarily an X rated film, but porn banners and ads will constantly appear.

Sex is probably the most profitable industry on the web, especially due to its simplicity. A camera and a couple having sex is all you need. You don’t have a couple? Well you can even play it solo.

What surprises me is how motorcycle, despite not being in the spotlight outside bikers, always find a way to survive. Their jangle resonate in the porn industry, in films, in music, in all types of web or content really. A motorcycle can fit anywhere.

And why is that? The reason is clear, because they’re cool. Some have even specialized in that and offer great sexual content motorcycle related. (The following links are for adults only, viewer discretion is advised LINK, ANOTHER LINK)

So the motorcycle industry and fans have regularly been accused of sexism, but it is not entirely our fault if motorcycles are used for various possibilities. However; I can’t think of a world in which women are more respected that among riders, despite the stripping or bikini bike washes you might find somewhere.

The only certain thing is that motorcycles will survive no matter what. They don’t normally need TV advertising to sell, they don’t need much credit, and they definitely don’t need society’s approval to keep on rolling, so no matter what they say, they will always be bikers.

And I hope to find you on the road!


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