Don’t follow the leader

Gathering is a motorcycle cliche that does not always comply to be true. Despite events, group riding and the brotherhood that comes with it, riding solo is an experience no biker wants to avoid.

Resultado de imagen de riding solo

Riding solo on a star-crossed night sky is like sailing the seven seas, an epiphany. You are the captain of your soul and inside the helmet your thoughts come crystal clear.

Modern day world is stressful, and we all need a way to escape. Some would rather meditate, listen to music or go fishing. However; the experience of pure liberty on a two-wheeler can do miracles to your mood.

The landscape is the limit, the sky is the roof, and the road is your way to go. I sometimes wander, not knowing where I’m going, as the road itself is the destination, and I take some gut decisions when it comes to crossroads as I don’t care where the road leads.

Don´t follow a leader, you’re on your own and therefore you can enjoy the feeling of being alone, but never lonely.

See you on the road!


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