The New MotoGP

The championship can be anything but ordinary this year. Four riders on top, a fifth getting closer, new chassis, text messages, never-ending tyre changes and irregular results anything can happen.

One day you’re on top, the next race you’re in the mud. This is a review of the current MotoGP situation through its top ranking riders in this moment.

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Championship situation July 2017

1. Marc Marquez (Spa/Honda) 129 points

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Marc Marquez finally could take the lead of this difficult championship. Vinales tried to get back what Dovizioso and a crash made him lose, but the 93 was fit as usual in Sachsenring, 7 years in a row unbeaten on that track.

Marc Marquez is making history on GP races after an incredible career start which put him among the biggest legends, even beating Valentino Rossi if compared at the same age. However; things haven’t been that easy for him lately. Despite winning last year’s championship, that victory was due more to efficiency than wins, something he used to do on his first and second seasons on the category.

Still a lot to see and to learn from this beast who is now going on holiday as the leader. Watch out as when Marquez is leader he grows and becomes even harder to beat.

2. Maverick Vinales (Spa/Yamaha) 124

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Not a rookie anymore on the big guys playground, the youngster is still learning and fighting for a championship on his first Yamaha year. This talented rider is only 5 points below Marquez, and he’s hungry.

Learning from living legend and teammate Valentino Rossi will soon prove some ego issues, as it always happens when two legends share the same box and team and fight for the same thing, victory.

He has lead the championship for longer than any rider this year, and has lost and recovered his position once, so he know he can get it back again and will do his hardest for that. I consider him the most dangerous one of this top four as he is the one who is giving his very best to achieve it.

Handicap, too young, too impulsive sometimes. But as long as he doesn’t crash he will be fighting for podium.

3. Andrea Dovizioso (Ita/Ducati) 123

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Italian muscle on the Ducati and the rider together. Many of us thought this position would be for Lorenzo but the number 04 had other ideas. Ducati is now fighting for top positions with Andrea Dovizioso, who was the championship leader until yesterday and who is doing incredibly well.

If there’s something we can say about him is how sensible rider he is. He is not taking things too fast nor letting success get on his head. His mind is still clear and he is step by step getting to a position in which he didn’t really see himself not long ago, but he’s most comfortable in.

Fighting race by race, the championship for which he’s fighting this year seems like an option for him. This constant rider can actually give another trophy to Ducati and he’s willing to.

On the boot country, that would be an event, Italian brand and rider winning the top championship… something not even Rossi achieved.

Such a different character from the other riders on this rank, Dovizioso has proven not to be the media star Rossi is, a contrast taking into account their Latin blood.

4. Valentino Rossi (Ita/Yamaha) 119

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And the second Italian on this rank is no other than motorcycle legend Valentino Rossi, who should have retired some time ago, but who is fighting top positions and still winning races.

The reason why Rossi is not at home is no other that he has decided for a 10th world title before he retires. When you see his riding, his numbers, his results at 38 years of age, we do not only see it possible, but probable.

However; he’s challenged by hungrier and younger individuals, starting from teammate Viñales who is starving for victories and for beating our all life idol.

The granpa is just 10 points below Marquez, which is nothing in a championship like this year’s.

Anything can happen, and it would be a great career end holding the tenth title, but even though he has seen all of the others arriving in the class and telling him they had his posters on their walls, no one of them will let him win.

And even it might look like, it is not Two Italians Vs Two Spaniards. It’s everybody against everybody else. No friends on the track.

See you on the road!


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