Double D

One D for Dovizioso, another for Ducati. Two in a row, we hadn’t seen anything like this since Stoner’s times.

The MotoGp championship is anything but boring. Ducati is taking on rival brands, Yamaha was suddenly held back after the previous race in which the Hondas were, and it is impossible to make any predictions at all. Just like we all expected.

Lorenzo proved unbeatable during the first few laps once again, just to fall back mid positions. However; he was able to come back once again and get a well deserved 4th position.

Pedrosa was a bit of a surprise, I would have bet for him as he proved untreatable during the qualifying, but the race was a bit different and the road temperature left little room for improvisation or risks. The surface was slippery and tyre consuming and riders complained about lacking grip on both front and rear.

Dovizioso once again did a great race, got to first position while teammate was coming back and pulled so hard nobody could follow him. He beat two Hondas who chased him in their home GP -both Spanish riders Marquez and Pedrosa- in what’s considered Honda’s house in Europe.

That was also Lorenzo’s advantage, he was home racing a track he know perfectly well since his school years. That gave him the confidence he still lacks on the Ducati beast. So Ducatis were making a sandwich to two Hondas, being Marquez second -after five crashed the entire weekend- and Pedrosa, with a clear #04 winner.

Yamahas were 8th for Rossi, and an unexpected 10th for Maverick. Not their day. So the championship is open to anything really and some can even think of Andrea Dovizioso as new world champion.

See you on the road!


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