Are motorcycles noisy enough?

It is funny how most people complain about the noise that motorcycle make. A moped can sound disgusting, a racing machine too loud, but the sound of a well tuned motorcycle grunting in traffic is something wonderful to bikers’ ears.

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Governments in civilized countries -if we can call our own civilized enough- have been trying to cut down motorcycle volume for the last two decades at least.

Meanwhile, riders have been trying to get away doing exactly the opposite. I love the sound of my Triumph, it was a bit too silent at first, but it is getting better with the time and the miles. However; I’d rather get new exhaust to make it sound louder, specially at idle. I just don’t due to police issues -I’ve paid too many tickets this year so far!

What puzzles me is something quite shocking, some models can sport a noisier exhaust directly from the dealer when you buy it brand new, but you have to pay some extra cash for the new certification.

Does that mean that you can make noise as long as you pay? It certainly does. That’s the way governments treat us these days. Pay for permission, or pay the fine.

I will get my two exhausts then, just to get to motorcycle events and make noise among the crowd so they won’t know who of the motorcycle maniacs there was 😉

See you on the road!


16 thoughts on “Are motorcycles noisy enough?

  1. Loving the style of your blog, the theme that you have chosen, motorbikes. You do really have a thing for motorbikes, yes, I could agree that the exhaust of the motorbike’s engine is ear-deafening, but to you it might be music to your ears. Hope to see more from you. Have hope!

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    • Thank you for your comment zeckrombryan, motorcycle is my way of life, I am only a teacher in my free time!

      I know there’s a huge debate going on about this issue and I understand those who don’t see it the way I do, so I try to respect everyone.

      What I don’t get is the way authorities take advantage of this just to get our cash!

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  2. Just wait til electric bikes get more popular, then you just attach speakers to them and broadcast whatever sound you want! (I’m gonna run a loop of the Mr. Softee ice cream truck theme on mine – nobody hates Mr. Softee!)


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    • Wow Dangerspouse, you’ll get all the kids running behind you!!!

      That’s the thing about electric bikes, they make no noise at all, so I though a card or a sticker attached to the fork so it gets hit by the spokes just like I used to do with my bicycle when I was a kid and I could only dream of motorcycles.

      It was something like you can see here:

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      • Oh yeah, I remember those things clattering along in my spokes when I was a kid! Man, talk about memories…..

        I was actually thinking of getting a pair of trials bikes – one for my wife, one for me, since we both compete. I’d still keep our 2-strokes for competition, but for practice and casual riding, I could see a silent bike making for a much better PR image with the neighbors. I’ve seen some pretty cool vids of the newer models, and they look quite capable…although in an actual event, I’d still go with what I’m used to I think.


      • I guess the transition is going to be difficult for old school riders like us, but it is definitely the way to go. However; I guess we can still go for gas bikes for a while before we get used to the idea or riding silently.

        What I’ve read so far is that electric motorbikes claim much more power delivery than gas ones. I read an interview with Carmelo Ezpeleta from Dorna stating that MotoGP will soon have an electric bike category, that will be the moment when riders change up our minds, when we see them in action competing professionally.

        I hope I can still keep a gasoline one in my garage and be able to ride it from time to time to show the heritage to new generations.

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  3. “Loud Pipes Save Lives!” That’s what they say… and I believe it. My husband has a motorcycle; a very loud one. I love the sound of any motorcycle or muscle car! Nice post.


    • Thank you for your comment and different point of view RickeyD, I believe things in Europe are not quite like you mention in your blog post, and the noisy cult[ure] as you call it do not really have a place in the old continent. Law enforcers will definitely stop and tow away any vehicle with such level of noise. It is arguable whether they should be used or not, but our freedom ends where other people’s start, that’s for sure.

      What I meant in my article is the hypocrisy in the Euro4 norm which now applies to all vehicles in Europe since the start of 2017. However; some motorcycles can have a louder pipe if a taxation is paid from the start. Say for example the BMW R nine T, which can be bought with the Akrapovic system, illegal from start, unless you pay a tax which includes the new exhaust in the bike’s documents. If that change is made after the bike being bought, apart from endless bureaucracy, the tax is even higher.

      We are not talking about annoying citizens, but about taking their money.

      I don’t know if the same thing applies to the States, or to which states in particular, what I can tell you is that the motorcycle industry was close to bankruptcy during the recession, and the side industry customizing bikes was the only thing that moved the marked forward, and they were the target of all hungry politicians who wanted a peace of the cake through new ways of taxation.

      Something not fair from my point of view.


      • Thanks AFB – I think it’s a universal truism that when all is said and done, it boils down to politics and “money.” He who has the most “money” usually wins.

        The United States does not, by Federal Law, permit the production motorcycles to be equipped with aftermarket exhaust mechanisms that do not conform to the labeling and NOISE emissions restrictions as per the Code of Federal Regulations – but – due to a lack of Federal and Local oversight, some dealerships, with absolutely no fear regarding regulatory intervention, actually remove the factory-installed muffler prior to retail and use the “performance” aftermarket exhaust as a selling point. Highly illegal here in America, but with our infusion of Moral Relativism and “do your own thing” ideology mentality…narcissism rules while the people suffer.

        Thanks AFB for your input, much appreciated.

        Rick Holtsclaw

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  5. It makes it so much safer to have a loud exhaust. That’s the worrying thought about electric “motor”cycles. Silent! I will have to invest in a bell.


    • I guess it is impossible to get everybody happy about this regarding. True that silent vehicles may result in accidents, as they say loud pipes save lives… too loud and neighbours complain!

      Thanks for you comment savagemoto.

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