Adopting my self persona

Playing a role is a key skill in any human society, for instance, we all have to play the role of a good partner, somebody’s child, a parent, an employee, a boss, a good citizen, a respectable person… but is that the real you?

Image result for find yourself on a motorcycle

Children are truly individuals who do not pretend to be anything but themselves, and so was I. I dreamt of motorcycles on daily basis as well as I dreamt of being naked and unshod around the world and of having my own dog, an enormous and protective beast, accompanying me everywhere.

I didn’t think about money or obligations, and I knew I would kill all teachers and nurses -yeah, you read well, something that had to do with injections- once I grew up. I had it all well planned, daddy’s hunting-gun and a motorbike to scape.

Believe it or not I am a teacher now. I am a respectful member of society who has found his own way in a peaceful manner. I do not intend to harm anyone ever in my life and I soon told my dad I wasn’t going hunting anymore. I simply disliked it.

However; in order to be what I am I also had to forget something important, the capacity of dreaming. No need to say that wasn’t too good for me, but it seemed that money was important enough to make me change my habits.

After ten wonderful years as an entrepreneur teacher running my own school and doing things my way, I learnt it was not entirely my way. Hidden tattoes, removed earrings and not so many Iron Maiden t-shirts during working days.

In the process, my ear holes closed, my tattoo stands alone on my arm waiting for more to come -it’s been waiting for 17 years…- and even my parents have a good idea about me.

But things are about to change soon, I will not lose or change what I have achieved, but I will make more things my way. I’m going to polish my bike’s chrome parts and hit the road with an oily chain and a lot of dreams on my mind. I have to get W.I.L.D.

Even new business opportunities open right in front of me, and I will take them all so I can be who I truly am. Somebody naked on an isolated beach, humming some heavy metal tunes while a get dried smoking a cigarette.

See you on the road!


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