Ducati, Mugello, Dovizioso and the new Triumph engines for Moto2

It’s been a huge step forward for Ducati this weekend. Jorge Lorenzo started like a beast and even leaded the race for a while being competitive. However; the Spaniard soon experienced some problems and was held back again… but there are more Ducatis on the grid.

Image result for motogp podium mugello 2017

It was El Mugello Grand Prix, and the italians were eager to get some podium positions last weekend, and so Dovizioso made a great race, beating Rossi, teammate Lorenzo and an apparently untreatable Maverick Vinales. But the italian had a lot to offer this time.

Italian MotoGP - Race Results

The Yamahas were strong, and both Maverick and Rossi were in podium position for a while after Honda riders fell way back… Marquez fell back, as Pedrosa fell down crashing Cal Crutchlow on his way. Not funny.

Image result for pedrosa crutchlow mugello 2017

We know sh*t happens, but Crutchlow didn’t seem very happy after the crash. Pedrosa is not an aggressive rider and I suppose he didn’t do it on purpose, it was bad luck this time.

Coming back to Yamahas, they were strong, and Rossi was to be on third position to make italian fans happy, but nobody expected the appearance of Danilo Petrucci who came from behind and passed them all. He couldn’t get Maverick, but Rossi proved to be on rival for him this time.

Italians fans were happy anyway as it was another italian who was third, and another Ducati.

Ducatis are back, despite Lorenzo lacks a good racing pace, but he’s on his way, which makes the whole championship much more interesting. The european brand is on its way to the top!

…And talking about european brands, Ezpeleta disclosed the rumour going on for a while, Triumph is to be Moto2 official and only engine in 2019.

EXCLUSIVE: Carmelo Ezpeleta (Dorna) - Interview

Honda is not producing the CBR 600 much longer in Europe due to the Euro 4 restrictions, and they simply refuse to update the bike. So they’re not providing the Moto2 engine much longer.

Triumph is taking over after MV Agusta also claimed to supply engines. Dorna, the company responsible for the MotoGP, has chosen Triumph, so for the brand fans it is a good new.

Moto2 will now sport a triple engine taken from the new Street Triple, which will be obviously update for the competition. The torque and power delivery will be increased and we hope it is great future of Triumph and Moto 2 together.

The contract will start in 2019 for three years, so Triumph really has to make a good job if they don’t want other factories to take them over.

Will we have a Triumph Moto2 on the streets?


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