I can

For a long time I haven wondered… how to come up, how to fight against, how to survive in a world that confused me too much…

Experiences and people we meet make us learn, they just make us thrive or lose, they defeat or help us and we have to learn or drown in a sea of tears.

Image result for riding a motorcycle in the rain

Things never came as expected, but I kept fighting until I reached my own destiny. After years doing things the way I wanted, I feel like changing once again, I want to dedicate my whole effort, time, energy and inspiration to my true passion.

I was born in a humble middle class family, and things have sometimes turned tough for us. We know how to survive and we know we could always rely on one another. Living in a tourist paradise I got to know wealth and I clearly understood I was in a very different position.

Can improvement and business be learnt? Of course it can! I am a teacher, a job I truly love, and some business studies and a lot of new age stuff infused some new knowledge in me. So I decided to start my own business, and after ten years I guess it’s pretty damn right.

However; I feel up for a change, I feel like creating something totally new and I now have the tools and the experience to do something I haven’t dared doing in my whole life. I will dedicate my life to the motorcycle business one way or another. Everything’s in motion and I will let you know soon about it.

I know I am riding through the storm, but what the heck, haven’t we always ridden through storms anyway?

The cool thing is I know I can.


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