Urban G/S

Reviving old glories is something trendy these days, but in addition to that, it is somehow an exercise of giving importance to the good old days and the heritage of a brand. So coming with an old school GS is the best way to claim what BMW Motorrad has achieved over the last century.

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The amazing GS has proved everything, it has invented a new niche in motorcycles, it has won Dakar races, it has been used and misused by travellers and it can face sport bikes on mountain roads leaving everybody with their mouths open.

However; for many, BMW flagship has become a too technological machine which makes you spend quite a lot of cash in official dealerships, the only ones who can do something with its robotic brain.

So the R nine T Urban G/S seemed a great option to me at first, as it was coming back to the basics. But I was wrong, I reckon, for two things. First of all, it is just a normal R nine T in GS disguise. Second, you still need to get to the dealership to get things done for you.

Image result for urban gs

It looks impressive, real old school, but it is not a GS. There’s not much you can do with this off road. It is just an aesthetic exercise, not real performance. But don’t get me wrong, the R nine Ts are a great platform for road riding. In fact, I guess it is the best retro bike on the tarmac.

But after a few year’s of Scramblers here and there, I still think Ducati is the only one who has understood the concept, and with the Desert Sled only. Having the GS name on it, this bike might seem deceiving at first, but it also has the Urban name, which best fits it.

An all purpose bike, just for diehard bikers who don’t mind taking things out of their environment. If you’re looking for a real off road one with the Dakar heritage, you better get straight to the GS family.

An old one might do the look and the performance… and you will be able to change the oil yourself without spending a fortune on dealerships.

Robot bikes are here, and old school folks like me are not so happy that we now ride cyborgs instead of mechanical devices.

Just saying…


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