You can’t follow me!

Congratulations Maverick, congratulations Johan… what a race!

Valentino Rossi was strong, very strong. So was Johan Zarco, the french man who did his very best to win in Le Mans, and who got close.

Marc Marquez was the only bike which was not a Yamaha fighting for first positions, but the key to today´s race was not overtaking, it was not falling. Marc Marquez fell, but after a while we wasn’t looking very comfortable on his bike.

Rossi was a bullet chasing much younger rivals, and Zarco was leading the way for a long while just to see the two official Yamahas passing by. The first duel between the two team mates at Yamaha was beautiful, but short.

Rossi attacked Viñales who was already first after beating Zarco, but the young boy soon fought back. Rossi made a minor mistake and Viñales took his position back…

…and then, disaster. Rossi suddenly fell losing grip on the front wheel and the fight was over. Viñales recognised he didn’t know that, and kept pushing to the limit until the end.

After so many crashes, Dani Pedrosa ended up in a third position, but still a deserved podium as he didn’t have a good weekend but he managed to do it right in the end.

See you on the road!


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