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Related imageWhile the EURO-4 law takes place and requirements for all vehicles get more difficult to achieve day after day, half of the world is doing whatever they want to do on their bikes without any problem.

Security issues do not seem to apply in Asia, where the motorbike, the most used vehicle, is ridden like mad.

Meanwhile in the western world, security issues hide the authorities real intentions.

The farce authorities are playing on bikers in Europe seems like crazy to me. Behind that there’s a general complot to get your cash.Image result for funny motorcycle pictures asia

New legislation claims that a motorcycle cannot be changed in any parts, especially those we love changing like exhausts or electric central.

Meanwhile Thai friends can turn their bikes on trucks and use them for industrial reasons without problem.

Speed Cams are everywhere, and for a very good reason, they prevent us from riding crazy and put some lives at risk. That’s good. But when security cams are only trying to get funds, like hidden ones in places where accidents are not an issue,

Related imagePolice forces are not responsible for this, as they are just following orders, but they’re asked to reach certain objectives.

Applying private company systems to public security forces do not seem like a fair thing to do.

I’d rather let my sheep ride me next time so I don’t get any penalties in my license.

Pillions can only be on a motorcycle suitable for them, that is, in a motorcycle that has Image result for funny motorcycle pictures asiaproper seat, foot pegs and which has paid a tribute to the authorities.

If you take the same model but release it for solo rides only, you will have to pay that fee if you ever intend to make it pillion compliant. Or you can always find a better seat for him or her.

Related image

The funniest for me in my short visit to Thailand was the use of motorcycle as a family transport. Just found it hilarious.

You can always implement your bike’s cargo by adding a sidecar, so you can take another half dozen kids with you.

Image result for funny motorcycle pictures asiaSaddle bags can always be installed without any special permit as long as they don’t change the bike’s measures… but we can always be flexible if it’s not Europe.

And I believe we shall find logic both here and there for motorcycle riders.

Image result for funny motorcycle pictures asia

As we cannot have the Asian nonsense, and we shouldn’t have the European speed ticket policy for anything.

Ride safe, ride sensibly… see you on the road!


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