Motorcycle Reviews, the beauty, the comfy, and the beast

I just returned from testing three different bikes, and I must say I love them all!

The first bike I had the chance to try was the amazing Indian Scout Sixty… and that’s a whole lot of fun guys!

The bike first a bit too low at first, except for the handlebars which were just in their right position, the gas tank was like way down. Just an impression, the motorcycle was simply superb.

The cornering aspect was great for a bike that long, which didn’t surprise me much as I expected this high quality from Indian. I did miss some more launching power, but this is the Sixty version of the Scout, which means 100cc, nearly 200 fewer than the original Scout, and more refined manners for A2 or newer riders.

However; once revved up a bit and treated a bit harsh its personality changed dramatically and become something a bit more appealing. The stopping power was just right for both the bike and someone my weight, so nothing to say about it.

This five geared bike is a great entry level bike, and no need to say how good it looks right?

The Indian was absolutely the Beauty, and the Suzuki V-Storm 650 was the comfy. What a bike to commute, travel, enjoy, ride, jump… it’s the all-in-one motorcycle really, and it comes at the lowest price of the three bikes I tested.

It didn’t really exceed in anything at all, but it was good at everything. The braking was good, the handling was easy and for everybody -even new riders, seat height was fine and if there’s any negative point to say about it, that would be that I believe it comes a bit short of power…

I guess the Suzuki guys would just tell me they have a 1000cc version, and that’s right, but I would still put some more ponies on this one.

KTM Super Adventure 1290 is a total badass beast! There is no need for extra horsepower in this one as it can deliver much more than most riders and roads can handle, so on the other hand this one is a take-it-easy bike.

It was terribly tall, which I liked, provided everything was just fine and I didn’t struggle in any moment, but that can be an issue. It reminded me a lot to the Ducati Multistrada 1200, for obvious reasons. However; I had the feeling this unit is better fit for off-roading.

This is, of course, just a feeling, as I didn’t have the chance to try it out off road. Ducati guys can claim they have the wonderful Multistrada Enduro, and that’s true.

The Super Adventure is a ridiculously big and powerful bike, much bigger and much more powerful than any sensible person would ever need or want… and so my verdict is that this bike is perfect, and good among the very best ones! If only…

See you on the road guys, or at the bar!


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