Pursue your dreams

I must have been just two or three years old, and the very first thing I ever asked my parents was a motorcycle.

Dad used to ride his Vespa around town, and I sometimes was a front side pillion, standing in the scooter’s floor, struggling to tiptoe in order to see the road above the handlebar and get a taste of the wind.

What a feeling!

I knew at a very young age that my life was going to be motorcycle related. I also considered becoming a shepherd, a firefighter, an astronaut… and who knows what else. But I finally became a biker.

The pursue of a motorcycle was a long struggle, as it was always in my dreams, but quite hard to achieve for an infant. I was only a school child looking at bikes passing by and getting angry as there was no way I could get one in a short time.

No need to say I made my parents crazy jingling ‘I want a Harley’ on minute basis. What a stubborn kid!

I finally got some little bikes, but it wasn’t until I became a grown man that I could get my license. I found it harder than anything else I had done by then, but it was the first time I had to fight for getting what I wanted.

What a feeling when I sat on my Kawasaki Vulcan 500 for the first time!

I am currently saving some money and getting more income to add a little sister to my Triumph, but it’s easier now, it’s just a matter of doing it once again!

Never Surrender

See you on the road!


7 thoughts on “Pursue your dreams

  1. You can’t explain it to people who want “Four doors and four wheels”. Even bad days at work are easier when I can take the long way home on a bike. Remember, when your kick-stand doesn’t work anymore, there are always trikes.
    BTW – I’m rebuilding a Vulcan 500 for a friends first ride.


    • That Vulcan is just a superb first bike, and the engine is powerful and unbreakable! Mine is with my dad now, it was time to give him a motorcycle back just to return the favour


  2. My first motorcycle was a bike but even then when paddling all over the place, I dreamed of a motor to supplement my peddle power. Some of us just know other find out latter in life and others sadly never took that two wheeled plunge. Keep thirsty and ride till it cant be ridden….


    • So true, some never get there. I guess life is a bit like this, you have to fight for what you want despite the situation you were born, which can be a bit better for some. Always stay hungry! Thanx for your comment Twotiretirade

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