Shall we ban paddock girls?

Image result for paddock girlsIt might be an old cliche, but women around riders holding an umbrella is part of the tradition of the motorcycle races… a tradition that might be banned in the next MotoGP in Jerez, Spain.

Once thought to be the perfume of the rose, today seen like another sexist act against women.

If you read this blog regularly, you would know we publish beautiful young women next to motorcycles. And not only us, many blogs and sites all over the world do that.

Getting the bigger picture, motorcycle brands do alike in their publicity, events, films etc. Not to mention sponsors involved in the motorcycle industry one way or another.

It is also done by Hollywood, TV ads, Heavy Metal female fronted bands, and even by books.

But the fact that it has been done for a long time doesn’t mean it has to be necessarily right.

So we can be open to discuss the topic, of course. And so happened after the Jerez City Town Hall discussed the issue, which was claimed by an opposition party and raised in assembly to be voted.

It has been told to Dorna, company responsible for the MotoGP championship, and their answer was a rotund negative, but they’re open to negotiating the issue further if necessary.

Taking into account that millions in sponsorship goes on those girls, which are great at getting everybody’s attention and promoting some logos.

The very essence of what’s discussed here is not if paddock girls should exist, but whether using paddock girls is something against women’s rights or not.

The group of women who work for MotoGP as paddock girls, assistants, or in many positions represent a group of working people who actually work really hard to be there.

It happens that I know the family of a local Monster Girl who regularly works in MotoGP and who is willing to get a career in modelling. For which her whole family is very proud.

I believe the right to do whatever women want is sometimes ignored when talking about women’s rights. Isn’t it fair for a woman to decide to work on that? Should her job be banned so other women feel better?

And in addition, how can we judge the following picture? Is it sexist too? There is Ana Carrasco with a paddock boy, and by the way, fewer clothes than paddock girls!

Image result for paddock boy ana carrascoImage result for paddock boy ana carrasco

In my personal and very humble opinion, beautiful people should have a role in all aspects where they already have them, as there’s nothing wrong with it.

What our girls need in order not to become a piece of meat for men is education. What society needs in order not to sexually exploit people -nevermind women, men, children- is education.

A bit of common sense would actually make us point the real problem, and not getting on the surface. As someone might think that the mentioned political party is actually doing the same, putting beautiful women in the spotlight so they benefit from it in the next elections.

Do you agree?


6 thoughts on “Shall we ban paddock girls?

  1. mumsthewordblog1 on said:

    Agree completely! No one is forcing these women into it … and I’m sure they are paid well 😊🐻


    • Hi Mumsthewordblog1, and thank you for your comment. I believe it’s even more valuable coming from a woman.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. My wife races, and she always said that if a paddock girl brought more eyes to her and her bike, she was all for having one. Of course, I’d like one just because I’d like one…


    • Thank you for your comment Dangerspouse, I guess it is creating more of a debate outside the motorcycle world than inside, and if we’re right with it who are those politicians who never rode a bike to say?

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