Stereotypes are boring

Following one’s instinct is better than following someone else’s lead. Be true to yourself, whatever that may be.

The tough guy now wants to unravel the image… if that was ever the way many people think it was.

I am sometimes told that my look scares some people, which I’ve always found funny. After a few seconds talking to me the feeling is gone. I guess I unconsciously represent some of the stereotypes of the bad guy.

Riding a cruiser bike and listening to metal music doesn’t mean you’re a criminal. It makes you someone with a great taste, but not a criminal.

Wearing jeans and leather doesn’t make you a bad guy, it is just a look. Not even a motörhead hoodie will make you be one. Looks can be deceiving, right?

And most importantly, what makes a person it’s his deeds. Bear that in mind. In the end we’re all monkeys… even though some might ride bikes.


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