A Motorcycle Weekend!

Some weekends are better than others, and having had a long time caged due to winter weather, I finally had a long riding weekend which felt like heaven… and I wasn’t the spectator this time.

On Friday I rode my Triumph to my nearest Harley Davidson dealership and got the chance to give a try to the brand new 2017 Harley Davidson Street Glide. An impressive machine with all the heritage of the brand in high doses.

The motorcycle looks impressive, but I must say I was a bit disappointed. The motorbike is overall a great beast ready to roll, and on the open highway is at its own habitat. However; I think the motorbike is a bit too clumsy outside the road.

Don’t get me wrong, it is capable of taken roundabouts in the city and commute through city traffic, but the gear box, the size, the weight etc makes it the whole package a bit too hard.

On the other hand, the sensations on a bike like this are great. You feel the whole Harley brand running through its veins, and as long as you are a bit prudent, that’s just okay. I believe it is the very best bike to look good while cruising around Europe or the States with your old lady having a great time.

Compared to other similar touring bikes I think I’d rather go for the Indian Chief, as they seem more or less the same kind of package, but I found the Indian a bit easier on a slow pace and commuting through traffic.

One day…

Let’s see those Ducatis!

If you’ve been reading this blog lately, you’d surely know my passion about the new Ducati Scrambler, especially the Desert Sled. Well, it was time for me to ride not one, but two of them!

I first rode the Ducati Scrambler Icon, the very first one to be launched and the most basic, according to its price. However; all Ducati Scramblers have the same engine, and what an engine guys!

The bike felt too small at first, but once on it, it was like I have been riding it for my whole life. Never felt a motorbike so easy and intuitive before. The little bike corners like a mad thing, and I reckon noone could ever possibly get bored of it. So funny and enjoyable!

But the Scrambler name is as usual not matching the off road abilities, except for the real Scrambler, The Desert Sled.

They share the same engine, but the gear box on the Desert Sled makes it slower at launches, which is actually great for off roading, but makes it less fun on the asphalt. But not much less, the Desert Sled is also a brutal fun bike when it comes to cornering and playing with it.

I also believe it’d be a great adventure bike with some bags and a new seat, the only thing I believed it didn’t match the bike as I found it too hard. Apart from that my verdict is not like the Harley, that I’ll get one in the future… I might get a scrambler to add to my rides.

Which motorcycle looks better on me?


4 thoughts on “A Motorcycle Weekend!

  1. Thanks for the long post about bikes. I won’t spam your comment page with the link, but if you’re so inclined, you might be interested in my post called “A prudent ride on the tail of the dragon.”


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