Maverick GP!

The new MotoGP season has started this 2017 with great changes and great expectancy, and of course the biggest of surprises. Congratulations Maverick Viñales 25.

But not everything was good. We had a disappointing feeling about the track itself, as it lacks drainage and yes, I understand they only get four or five days of rain a year in the Qatar desert… but it wouldn’t have been too much to add up if only you had included some drainage don’t you think?

And it is in the difficult moments when people get crazy and they take risks as they have nothing to lose. Well, nobody really had anything to lose on this first race.  There was Zarco pulling the throttle like a beast and leading the race for a good while leaving everyone behind, until he crashed.

Track conditions were horrible and no wonder he did. We saw how the Moto 3 and Moto 2 guys struggled, and some rain to sum up in nearly killed them. He was not the only one to crash actually, riders like Crutchlow or Bautista also found themselves with their bones on the ground.

But the positive point of view is that we now have some hints about this season, and despite what many said, Valentino is not done and he’s not too old for this. He made a right race and got a well deserved third position on the podium.

Dovizioso rides the Ducati like a devil, so Lorenzo -who had a horrible day- still have something to learn from him. It was good watching Lorenzo drifting the Ducati and changing his riding style, but still a long way to go.

Viñales was superb, he had some grip problems at first -as he himself claimed- but got by decently and went gaining positions until he could overtake Dovizioso. We learnt that Ducatis are not fast, they simply fly over the rest, what a rocket!!!

But Yamaha proved better at cornering as it is said it has the best chassis. What a year to come…

Don’t forget Marquez, whose Honda is not competitive yet… don’t forget Lorenzo who still hasn’t tamed the beast, and don’t forget the old fellow who has been winning for 9 world championships.


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