The Plastic End

The word METAL brings me good memories, metal music and metal motorcycles basically. I remember when me and my friends distinguished motorcycle by plastic or metal, referring to street bikes or vintage cruisers.

Well that time hasn’t ended with Triumph Motorcycles plastic fenders and parts.

When I got my Triumph Speedmaster, a bike I truly love, it surprised me a lot that it had the front fender made of plastic, as well as the tank console and one of the covers on the side.

It seems this is a normal practice for Triumph, and to be honest I even thought of it as something not so truly authentic but necessary when the brand was struggling to create itself a well established niche.

But time has passed, and luckily for them and for all of us, Triumph Motorcycles is now a great brand making great motorcycles and reviving the vintage two wheelers to both riders and other brands.

Therefore I thought the might have mended the mistake, but no, the new Thruxton -as well as the rest of the bikes presented this year- still wear some plastic. It looks like metal, but it is not…

I know the quantity of that material used is minimal, but it is against the common sense. Triumph is not a cheap brand, and they are not for the masses. I see them as quite exclusive for several reasons.

They don’t sell mopeds or 125cc, so only experienced riders with a license can ride them. They are expensive, unlike some Asian fabricators who produce and sell cheap. And most importantly, they are and have always been one of the biggest names in the motorcycle industry.

It is a big discouraging to see how the Kawasaki W800 doesn’t have any plastic item on it while the all original Bonnevilles do.

Not a big deal, I know… it could only be they are just willing to sell after market fenders or whatever, but I don’t think they should cut expenses on that.


4 thoughts on “The Plastic End

    • Thanks for your comment Pauline, we like to keep it humble and your visit and words are the best prize we can possibly get!

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  1. So I must admit, I own a cycle with a ton of plastic that is made to look like metal. Its a Honda Interstate 1300. At first I was totally discouraged by this but found the plastic to be less expensive , Easier to Clean and Lighter Weight. I am over it now, I just figure that if it wasn’t plastic then I would not be able to afford it.


    • Thank you for your interesting comment. We don’t have the Interstate in Europe so I haven’t seen it in person yet, but even though it is for a good reason I still believe in metal when it comes to motorcycles. By Speedmaster has plenty of plastic too and you get used to that, of course.
      Riding is the most important thing no matter how your ride is!

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