When we are on a bicycle or motorbike for the first time, it all seems impossible, as if nobody could actually make that device advance without falling down. The very basics of the laws of physics claim that once equilibrium is unbalanced, you go down.

Get in rolling and you’ll develop a secret instinct you didn’t even know it existed, the balance caused by the inertia. The bike goes on its own.

And after a while you feel like you’re king of the world, the wind on your face makes you have a wrong sense of speed, as you might feel like travelling at the speed of light.

As time passes, you become a better rider, and a new instinct shows up, the innate instinct of Man and Machine.

Deus ex Machina

Half person, half device. A new bred is born to save us all from the vice perspective we are currently living in.

I can only find peace of mind when I’m riding, when I’m a whole being together with my machine and the roda is an extension of my brain.

I need to Yoga for mindfulness


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