The Street Rod closer to a Bonneville?

Harley Davidson made a wish, to be more appealing to younger riders and their likes, so European riders can be lucky if they want to ride a Harley and still get the thrill of something a bit more sporty or aggressive.

The bike is a nuance of the older model, but certain improvements have been carried out in order to make it more racing. Harleys are great bikes, but they are what they are. When a brand pretends to be something it’s not in its DNA something real bad or real good can happen.

Let’s see more examples of this, see Ducati’s XDiavel, it’s a great interpretation of a cruiser without missing its racing origin.

It seems Harley Davidson is now doing something many brands had already done, copying. Harley has been copied by many, and they are now getting some more café racer genes on their bikes as everybody else is doing. But all in american muscle disguise.

Do you like it?


2 thoughts on “The Street Rod closer to a Bonneville?

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