I went to the cinema last night just to watch one the second part of one of my favourite films of all times. A film that has made me think quite a lot.

Trainspotting is a philosophical and sociological film in which freedom is searched, one way or another, by a bunch of characters who cannot really fit. I saw myself in that.

The cast looked fantastic, and everything was just quite as it was back in the old days. 20 years time is a long time mates.

Back in the day, I was nearly starting to ride motorbikes… well mopeds I better say. The thing is that while I was in the movies, I was also thinking about these twenty years in my own life. I was only 15 when the original film was released and as you can imagine there’s bee some major changes in my life.

The bloody film made me think and rethink some issues, but not others. So I know I am on the right track. I will not hesitate about riding motorbikes, something I have done for the last 27 years more or less, but that it became big exactly 20 years ago.

Yes, you heard right, I started riding little mopeds when I was around 8 years old. But it was from time to time with dad’s close look. When I turned 14 I got hold of my first mobylette, just to get hold of a new Derbi a couple of years after.

Yeah, I know it’s not much, but not a bad start after all. Ewan McGregor was probably doing something way cooler…


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