European Riders

I believe Europe is one great and only nation in some ways, despite having been independant countries for so long, and against some modern ideas of breaking the union once again.

What can’t be denied is the connections we have when it comes to riding, as european riders and brands share a lot of things.

European bikers are manufacturers have always had an appeal for cornering. It’s funny how USA riders might prefer to launch a motorcycle as fast as they can in a quarter of a mile or drag it in dirt track races, while european riders love mountain winding roads for cornering MotoGP style.

BSA, Nortons and Triumphs

European brands are linked to the café scene as much as harleys are to the chopper way of life. The typical one cylinder explosion you hear on Harleys became a slur of power with higher revolution engines. Speed freaks were born.

Synonym of Speed

Italians have a especial taste for speed, and so they prove it by issuing some of the fastest vehicles on Earth.

All that has shaped European riders dramatically and after the intrusion of japanese machines the scene changed completely.

European riders love speed, and they’re not so fond of the long distance haul as the americans can be. There are exceptions like your humble writer here, but they mostly ride on Sunday mornings going up and down the mountains.


Off roading is a well known hobby in Europe too. Dirt bikes owe everything to spanish brands such as Bultaco or Montesa who actually developed the first frame specifically modified for the dirt. Motocross and trail have always been a big thing.


After a long sense for speed, european riders have also copied some of the other countries’ stuff by getting into MC’s the american way -some of the biggest american MC’s are established here- the same way hipster are making cafés out of any bike everywhere in the world.

But if something represents the european riders, I think that would be how eclectic they are in all ways. I’ve seen guys riding sports bikes to change into a Harley and then to get an adventure bike afterwards.

European bikers love going to MotoGP races, not in vain Spain is the country with the most GP races in the world and in all the continent you can find most of the championship.

The level of the european rider is quite often superior to other riders from other countries as the competitions in Europe are the toughest.

And most importantly, european riders love riders from everywhere in the world.

See you on the road, no matter where you are from!


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