So many times, when I needed to spend some time alone, I ran to the beach to get the glimpse of solitude and natural beauty I needed. But the sea can only be the ultimate refuge of the intellect if you sail away from the shores…

That’s why I always use the mountains to hideout, which would be my second option anyway, and it is not as crowded as the beach is. Always travelling on two wheels, always having fun no matter what…

Hiding is not escaping, unless you do it in order not to face a certain problem, hiding is living with yourself effectively, getting lost with your own thoughts and dreams. Hiding should be something gratifying and nearly a mystical experience.

A hideout can also be an interesting city, it can be a cool place, a nice pub with good bear, you can even hide yourself among the crowd if you want. It’s all about what part are you connected to.

A motorcycle makes you feel like that instantly, inside your helmet there’s nothing but the sound of the engine, the geometry of the road and the pure freedom we all love so much.


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