The Five Brands that Kickstart our Hearts!

Enthusiast sometimes just want to ride as many motorcycles as they possibly can, or they are devoted to a unique brand. Which kind are you?

It can be the brand you dreamt of when you were a kid or just the motorcycle you’ve learnt to love in adulthood.

We present five of the most beloved brands in the world, and as usual I could have included others, but I didn’t!

When a motorcycle brand has the power to make you believe and dream, it is kickstarting your heart.

The V-Twin Rumble

When you have a look in the MC’s they are mostly Harley Davidson’s enthusiasts. They don’t care about any other brand except for Indian maybe.

But you know for many many people out there, a Harley is simply the definition of a motorcycle, and an outlaw the definition of who’s riding it. I agree in neither of them, but I love them both!

But we all know there are more brands people love, and one of them is coming from Japan, and Honda’s supporters claim is the indestructible and very best engine ever.

High-Tech engines

Many people claim a Honda engine can age as much as you like without a single oil drop on your garage floor. The brand of the wing makes many MotoGP fans turn crazy when riders like Stoner, Rossi or Marquez have won world championships riding them.

Honda team said this themselves, you meet the nicest people on a Honda.

Yamaha fans will surely criticize them, but that’s something very normal when it comes to debating what’s going on about other brands or riders.

British Steel

Talking about the British means talking about lots of brands. Legendary names such as Norton or BSA. But when it comes to nowadays no brand has taken the pass of time better than Triumph.

They have done something unique, which is to create a whole new wave of new models we now call modern classics. Apart from that, take the past and see how many motorcycle events in history happened on one of these bikes.

Café Racers are still alive, as well as scramblers and bratstyle motorcycles. It’s so trendy that even the italians have surrendered to the scene.


Italy is synonym of speed, and pure muscle motorcycles have always had a league of fans worldwide. Ducati is a well-known name in the two wheels world, a name which has marked the pages of history.

The world is much better when it’s seen from a Ducati, I can tell.

From Austria with love

I sometimes believe nobody understands Ducati better than Austrian maker KTM. They are currently doing everything Ducati is doing but apparently faster. But this brand started off roading and for many is still the perfect MotoX bike.

But they do not want to be restricted to enduro or dakar races, they want to conquer the speed as well… let’s be cautious, as so far they’ve won all competitions they’ve participated in. Who knows…

What’s clear to me is that when many of my fellow riders decide to get on a brand, nothing can make them change up their minds.

See you on the road!


2 thoughts on “The Five Brands that Kickstart our Hearts!

  1. I am a confused biker. I change brands every few years. Maybe I am just lost trying to find a perfect motorcycle I can call home………..


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