Cash for speed

While professional riders get better paid the faster they ride, we mortals have to pay cash for speed. The dream of getting paid is just a paradox, if you’re not paying, somebody must be. On top of that, another speed ticket, as if paying for motorcycle, gas, tyres, insurance, gear, oil and all that stuff wasn’t enough.

Are speed cams located in the best possible way to avoid accidents, or in the best possible way to get cash?

It was a cold and sunny morning of a beautiful Sunday just after all christmas and new year’s celebrations ended. It was the perfect day for a ride, and cops know that too.

Image result for sexy cop wallpaper

All bikers gather in mountain secondary roads to get great cornering and a way out of daily life. Usual stuff, right?

Some guys are just scrapping pegs and sliding sliders with their sports bikes. We know what we are talking bout, don’t we?

And there’s huge controversy about these matters. Cops are here to ensure our security. To serve and protect the citizen, and I do agree with that as the bad guys could try to harm us.

Then why don’t they get their spedcams to the most dangerous places, or the fastest? No, get under the 50 kmh sign, just as we are braking to enter the town and shoot us a speed tickets because we stopped the bike a few metres passed.

That way everybody is happy, the cop bosses will smile, they don’t even have to move around to pretend they are doing their job, and here I am, fined again.

Lonely with a dirty bike, a couple of hundreds less in my poor account and thinking to myself… what can one do against this whole f*cking game.

Disclaimer: pictures are an intepretation of what happened and any similarity to any real event or character is pure coincidence.


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