Is a 3 wheel motorbike a real bike?

Do you have a passion for three-wheelers?

A 3 wheel motorbike goes a bit against the very essence of the vehicle. A motorbike on two wheels is not about the aesthetic only, it is about cornering leaning the angle of the motorcycle, but how is it on three wheels?

In the very essence of riding comes the risk, and falling down is a main concern not only for new riders. I know many a rider who fell off the bike at the traffic lights because the bike is just to high for them.

A three-wheeler motorcycle would avoid falling like a dumb guy when stopping, but what about the riding?

3 wheel motorcycle can have double wheeling at the rear or at the front. Strange right? The most recognised type is the tricycle or trike like the one on the picture below, all motorcycle appearance but not leaning capacity.

3 wheels motorcycles depict a better rear when they only have one wheel, but it’s still a bit strange to look at the double wheeled front without not being sure what that is.

Someone I used to ride with some time ago rode a trike and he told me that the impression was cool and closer to a motorcycle ride than to a car drive. Unfortunately, I cannot tell by myself.

Some brands wanted to include the leaning capacity to their 3 wheel rides and as an example of that we have the Yamaha Tricity 125. It is like a bicycle with the little side wheels for learning, but not a bad idea for new riders learning or for people whose only need is to commute on a easy to park ride.

A bigger and faster bike is being developed by Yamaha guys as well which looks impressive.

Originally, trikes where used by the die hards who didn’t want to stop their riding after a crash, or for people getting older and clumsier like Piney Winston in Sons of Anarchy. Some models are actually very demanded by an increasing audience.

The important thing is that a biker is a biker at heart, despite his or her ride, and it feels to me like a great way of enjoying life as well.

See you on the road!


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