A Day at the Shops

Paying a visit to some dealerships and motorcycle apparel boutiques is always a great thing to do on a rainy Friday. There’s a lot to learn!

I was really expecting to see -and sit on- the new models, so I went with a friend hunting for apparel and starting business about selling and buying bikes, the greatest chance to talk to dealers and get to know more about the new motorcycles.

Triumph Dealership

Triumph shop was different, full of the new big parallel twins everywhere, T120, Street Cup etc. But there’s one motorcycle which stands above the rest in look, apparience and possibly performance. The Thruxton R.

The bike is still a neo classic, modern retro or call it how you want to call it, but it has something else, it is a sports bike you feel it is a sports bike. The yellow fork, suspensions, engine, brakes… this is a bike for taking corners fast and for acceleration, not just for show.

It was a pleasure to see the new Tiger 800 line up, in all its different versions. Those motorcycles look impressive and anyone can just dream of going around the world in one of those. Would you focus that bike for road, or off-road?

Ducati Dealership

A ducati shop is always something unique. Ducati bikes are impressive and even when they’re standing there at the shop, not even ready to run… they look intimidating. Have you checked the latest XDiavel?

The Monster 1200cc impressed me a lot too, and standing among Ducatis I’m always happy. But the brand is now offering something way cooler than anything before, the Scrambler effect is here to stay.

But the old Ducati Scrambler line up has been increased with something amazing, which was unfortunately not at the shop, but I had the chance to register for a try ride when it is. If the Thruxton is the real performance café, the Desert Sled is the new off road performance Scrambler.

Desert Sled

I am willing to get my ass on it!

BMW Motorrad

The german dealership was full of cars and the impression once you get in there is that you are entering the world of wealthy middle age gentlemen who needs a sports car to get a twenty year old bimbo to get around… yeah Marbella is such a funny place.

But the place is big enough to hold the great BMW motorcycles, which seems amazing as the new GS 1200 Adventure looks as big as a Rocket III.

But BMW is not only focused on its own lineup, but on the Café – Scrambler scene, and I finally sat on both. The sound of the engine is smooth but powerful, the bikes so good looking we all fell in love with it.

It can possibly be the best retro bike out there in terms of numbers as the 1200 boxer twin produces 112hp and more torque than any of its competitors. But numbers are also big when it comes to pricing this bike, which is the most expensive in the market.

Honda Dealership

My final visit of the day was Honda’s house, so it was such as great day as you can imagine. Hondas are still there, still the same way, top end technology, high performance, high quality… but nothing too appealing, just a bunch of ok bikes. They have lost their spirit in a way, except for the big monster.

The Africa Twin is all the opposite, a motorcycle with a soul, with heritage and redefining the big adventure bike niche. If I was to get one adventure bike I wouldn’t know how to decide between GS 1200 and Africa Twin. Judge by yourseves.

It is clear to me that brands are not so focused on sports bikes anymore as cops are doing their job too well and they are not allowing anything too fast on the roads. The two faster growing niches we can find are the Retro Scene and the Big Adventure Bikes, and you can feel that in all dealerships from the Multistrada Enduro to the Africa Twin.

Big bikes are endangered as not so many people have a full license to ride them and A2 bikes are getting an easier entry level for riders these days. What we cannot deny is that we still have great bikes out there for us to see, to ride, to buy. So don’t miss your chance, you’re going to die anyway, don’t die regretting what you didn’t do.

See you on the road!


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