Stranded in the middle of nowhere

It’s probably been a few thousand miles getting around the world by different means so far. Fun trip, business stuff, obligations, getting lost… a life on the road.

In many occasions, I have been the rider or the driver. Travelling when you have the security of an airline is one thing, and getting away on your own is something completely different.

I have been stranded for hours in different situations, but one I recall as the ugliest was when my car ran out of petrol and I was ignored by the police in a too suspicious oversight. They actually left me there and didn’t care about me. Not that I care much about them.

But there’s other times in which I have had plenty of help in several circumstances. Especially when you’re riding a motorcycle, but don’t expect assistance from anybody. Only another biker would help you.

I have been assisted by many, and I have helped when I’ve had the chance too, and there’s something I’ve learnt. A real biker will always help another brother or sister in need. The rest can sometimes happen, or not.


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