Don’t cover your tracks

There was a time in which I was too crazy for not paying the consequences. I was too drunk to remember it all, and I was definitely too much of a dreamer to think I could ever lose or I could ever win.

Everybody in the family was quite surprised when I became the good boy. I started my own business and turned into what society would recall a decent citizen. In the inside I was still  the same, but I must admit there’s a bit of a good boy in me too.

But life is about having fun!

I was confused once again, and I lost the track of my goals, of who I really was, and I locked myself in a cell and I only got myself loosed in certain situations, with the right audience. The rest of the time, I simply overworked. Money was the aim, money was the vehicle, money was exactly what I was lacking.

So I decided to take action and got myself some life adventures and got hold of my time in order to make the most from it. You achieve that basically following your dreams, and better on two wheels.

See you on the road!


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