A look into the future

Dystopian films show a world where gasoline is short and dangerous to obtain, but the future is probably going to be electric.

All transport will be electric someday; so we stop messing up with the planet and all that, which is fine with me, but I know I will miss old timers with a noisy engine and a funny gas smell.

We know what BMW‘s vision of the future is, and the rest of the brands will have to follow that path or create one by themselves in order to become part of the new times. What space will that leave to the old school riders?

Harley’s won’t run on gasoline, and we will lose the beautiful rumble of a parallel twin at low revs or the immense heartbeat of a Guzzi V twin.

But I guess the spirit will remain intact, uncrashable bikes will give us a sense of security and we will be able to dress up anyway we want as body armour won’t be necessary with self balancing motorbikes.

And we will run quietly with the only noise of rubber against asphalt… I hope to die before I see all that as the only option, but it will be cool.

See you on the road!


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