Bigger is not Better anymore?

Smaller displacement bikes are now making a point in the market as the new A2 license forces, and it won’t be a bad idea for younger riders anyway.

Brands are clinging to let a penny slip away and whatever it takes in order to make the money. Motorbike selling is a business and if the motorbike license is getting in parts, they have to issue motorbikes that can be ridden by the riders who don’t have a full one.

The bike of the picture is the new Honda Rebel, a great looking machine for A2 license which will try to create a new custom bike niche in the market. Easy to customise and affordable.

However; I still believe that bigger is better, and for that reason we can see what other brands are doing about it.

The Triumph Street Twin is a 900cc which is available for A2 riders, but it will have the mileage and the weight of a bigger bike anyway.

The Ducati Scrambler 62 has shrunk its bigger sister and created one that looks like it, but it is not like it as it has a remarkably smaller engine.


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