That feeling…

Have you ever had that feeling which nothing satisfies you at all? Have you ever wondered which way to go in order to get out of the void? Yeah, one of those days you cannot ride.

There’s a specific problem these days, despite the fact we all more or less know what we want, millions, billions of cool options also appear all of a sudden and we really want to get a hold of them all. In the end, we are like the wealthy children, bored and sorrounded by too many toys.

It was different back in the old days when men were men and women were women, not the suckers we’ve all become in the 21st century. But here we are, and we have to make something out of this misery, so why not going for a ride? Why not getting some spirits at the local pub? Why not hang ourselves from the nearest tree? Whatsoever, just don’t mess up too much with the rest of humanity.

We sometimes need to focus and do just one simple thing, breathe.


3 thoughts on “That feeling…

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more! Where I’m headed is learn as many skills that one can, but not accumulate beyond essentials.
    As far as me and women are concerned, hmmm… I believe: may the best ability win!


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