Two Goddesses

Growing up in such a especial place implies some issues. You live in an internationally acclaimed area where everybody comes to spend their holidays, and you get to see the horrific face of that too.

Inhabitants face a different reality, inflation, low salaray and high prices topped with a high rate of seasonal unemployment. All peoples living in tourists areas face that reality. For a rock and roll maniac like me, it was not easy to get by in the world of folk music, scooter mopeds and drunk visitors everywhere.

But I always knew I was to ride a big motorbike one day. I dreamt of pulling the throttle and dissapear up high through the mountain roads. So I’m not doing that bad I’d say.

One day, I remember a mirage, a vision which should not have been real, but I swear upon my own death I saw that… or them I’d say.

We sometimes got a visit from bikers as some bike events were held around my place. What I was not prepared to see was those two inked women on those two huge Harleys sporting the Big Twin of its time. Custom paint, leather mini vest, jeans, noisy pipes and hell of an attitude.

People looked at them in dispair, like everything they knew about their fragile world would crumble as those two valkiries would tear it apart. I looked at them in admiration, in lust, I just felt crazy, and by the time I went to look at them closer, I heard the beautiful music of the V Twins leaving such a boring town. Two goddesses that were gone.


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