First Love

I remember the feeling. I was excited for a first date, a wonderful beauty was on the waiting and I was the lucky one this time. I was getting ready to ride you…tumblr_nopf53lc7m1rszclmo1_1280

An intense rumble and the engine is on. A relaxing feeling mixed with anxiety and the road waiting.

This is the story for many people out there, especially if it happened to you when you were a teenager or a even a kid. First bike, first love.

Nothing can substitute a human, that’s for sure. No bike would ever compare to my old lady. If anyone ever said a motorcycle is more important than a human being, that guy is wrong.

But a motorcycle is not only a mean of transport. It is a way to free the soul and liberate your mind. That’s why some crazy guys like me love riding. It becomes our refuge from daily life.

Which doesn’t mean daily life is wrong, of course, it just means we need a Zen paradise to go to. And I want to go there on two wheels, no matter the destination. Just the road matters.

See you on the road!


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