Life with a Style

Motorcycles are a lifestyle, not because of the old cliché you find everywhere saying that. Hipsters and die hard wannabes claim that many times. It’s a sign of authenticity. However; motorcycles represent a lifestyle for those who were here before the hipster motorcycle scene, and for those who would stay long after that.

Nothing will ever change the fact we are dying on two wheels the same way vikings died on their drakkars. No need to add anything else to that fact. That’s who we are.

Stereotypes are something fun. I never quite fit into anyone really, but I am usually fitted into one way of another.

Getting into the flow is something hard sometimes. I don’t usually get into it after the second or third tank of gas burnt riding. It is not the motorcycle’s fault, it’s this life in the rat race paying bills which it is.

Riding is something sacred, you put your life in the thrill for nothing than good fun. For many is a transport, for others a necessity… I’ve met them all.

All of them deserve the same respect. You need to be a bit of a daredevil to do it. You need to believe in it in order not to crash. Then anything goes.

Motorcycles also define the character of the rider. Hard to say as well, or hard to be too precise on this, but it does. But it doesn’t have to be a life long thing, you can get into moods or shaped by your economy.

And yes, we love pictures of women sitting on motorcycles. Another cliche we must accept for it’s true. That is not making us anti feminist. Well, some cases might be. Take each situation as an individual one if you want to be right.

Too much for show only

In many cases, many riders are only for show. Latest bikes, latest leathers, and just a bunch of ridden miles round the corner. Respect them. They have the right to be whatever they want to, and enjoy anyway they like.

I’m not like them, which doesn’t make me worse or better. Just different, just my way.

We don’t hate cars

Most of us have a car, and even drive it! Some bikers are car lovers, while for others cars are a necessity you cannot avoid. I would gladly sell mine, and I would regret soon probably, but my girlfriend wouldn’t let me sell her ride, so no questions asked.

Roads belong to everyone, and everyone should use them wisely and respect everybody else. Even if you find an outlaw biker around, he’s not willing to mess up with you. He’ll probably be dong his own stuff, so go on and do yours.

Some music just sound like ridin’ motorcycles…


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