Raining and storming

With each season comes different joy, you get the warm beach in Summer, the beautiful forest in Spring, the lovely sunsets of Autumn, and winter…

I live in an area of mild weather conditions, and I am lucky enough to ride motorcycles all year round. My fauvorite routes need to be in full panoply, dressed like an onion man and missing some extra layers of warm clothing. This is how Mediterraneans face the terrible winter.

This year, or at least the weather in the last two weeks, got me out of guard. Work put me under pressure for more than one reason, and my usual way out on two wheels is not available as we are getting pretty cold temperatures, torrential rains, tornadoes and some destructive storms in Southern Spain.

In addition a sore throat, more stress, more rain, more work duties and more stuff, and there she is, parked, waiting for a rider to press the buttons to strat that engine rumble, pull the throtle and start dreaming.

Wearing my pajamas all day long on weekends, nothing to do, taking medicines and watching motorcycle videos is not making me feel better. I guess we have to get used to it and wait for the riding season.

Just made my resolution and I will ride as soon as the rain stops, or at least storms -who minds a bit of rain?


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