What’s behind this blog?

Some of you might be asking yourselves what’s the idea behind this blog, as things do not seem to follow a certain path. You can find custom machines, hot girls, MotoGP reviews, sport bikes, cruisers, news, old stuff and a bunch of mixed things…

I like to put it all things motorcycle involves, from the philosophy of the machine to the crashes of the riders. Anything suitable for a good time pulling the throttle. All cool stuff.

I ride a Triumph Speedmaster, which is a lovely bike, and I am currently developing a taste for scramblers as many would notice from my posts, but that’s not all. I love sport bikes, touring bikes, and roughly anything on two wheels.

After the people I’ve lost, the miles ridden and the bikes owned, I think I might have a say on all this. I know what it means to sacrifice years, money, strength for a passion.

I believe bikers are born this way, and I believe motorcycles have a soul, and riding them is invigorating, it’s something unique, a great sensation of both power and freedom. Two things humans cannot handle too well. That’s why they’re dangerous, and that’s what makes them so incredible.

I just want to have something do remember when I get old, if I get old… like the old outlaws riding their horses, the freedom driven individuals who lived a plentiful life, which was not always a long one.

But don’t get me wrong, I am a member of this society, and I do my best contributing to it with my job, my family and my Unicef donations. I do not intend to destroy a bunch of fellows after me or mess around with anyone. Just wanna have fun.


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