2017 will be a great year

We haven’t formally congratulated the champion, a world hero… and it is fair to do so, and this post is just a humble way of saying thank you for the incredible show you always offer us.

But what is champion doing in the mid season? getting ready for the Superprestigio and having fun, training, and doing things in anticipation, I guess.

Long gone are the years in which the combination of the Honda motorbike and your talent was the unbreakable duetto which made us dream. The motorbike is still good, and your talent still intact, but is not as easy as it used to be. Rivals have got more prepared.

You won doing a great season, but being conservative. Crashes at the end which do not let you much space for your personal way of riding. Overcoming problems with Valentino.

But you know him, and you know what he is capable of on his Yamaha, but you are probably worried of what can Viñales do with the same bike, and what about Lorenzo with the Ducati?

Reasons to take things easy and train harder and harder. Congratulations champion, you are still on track, still up and still undefeated, but for how long? how many more times will you see Lorenzo gettin over you? Will Rossi get his tenth?

See you on the roads brothers and sisters!


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